The current students York University is a section on the York University website that is prepared to help both the students and teachers of this University .

Current Students York for the Students

This is a student portal that is reserved for those students who are either current students at this University or are enrolled for the upcoming year. Here is where you as a York University student can gather all the information you need about the School in general as well as some specific information. There are three main sections with one being for future students, the other being for current students and the third is for the alumni and friends.

As a current student once you log onto the site you should go to the Current Students York section of the site. This is where you are going to find information about courses and schedules. If you are a current student you may even be able to access personal information about you such as your exams and grades.

Also, here you are going to find tons of support information like what you may need to know about academic resources or financial matters that pertain to your education here at this university. Plus there is additional information that you may not need to know but sure is nice to know.

For the Teachers and Staff

Having a student portal like the current students York means that teachers can easily post upcoming exams, and even the grades of the students. It can allow the staff to reach out to specific students and post general information that the current students may need not only for the previous school year but for the upcoming year as well.

Some of the student portals are more complicated than others but this portal is really well laid out and easy for the students to navigate.