The University of Toronto students are very fortunate to have many different resources available to them. One of these is the University of Toronto libraries. This is not just one library but several. Of course there are the brick and mortal University of Toronto Libraries but there is also an exciting online version. What this means is that students can access books and materials without having to go to the library and physically sign them out.

If you want to visit the University of Toronto Libraries then you have a choice of 44 to choose from. These are spread across three campuses. One may wonder why so many libraries are needed, but if you are familiar with the vast number of courses and programs that University of Toronto has to offer you will understand why. To house all of the books in one location for these would require one huge massive building. Instead the library locations have been broken down into specific categories. As a example of these there are…

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics Library
  • Career Resource Library, Koffler Center
  • Dentistry Library
  • Department of Art Library
  • And the list goes on

To find the locations and times of operations for each of the individual University of Toronto Libraries you can visit the library site which is well laid out and you can do a search for the one that you want.

You will also want to know about the different services that this libraries offer and there is a service information section for the University of Toronto Libraries that offers some great information. There is information about borrowing books and what you can use at the different locations like wifi and computers, and copy services. There is also some great study spaces available at the University of Toronto Libraries that many students put to great use.